Pony Races Remastered

Pony Races is a card game by chocolatepony. It has been available only at very few conventions. Since original copies are hard to come by, I've made and posted a remastered version here.

This game is not for sale here, because I do not own the Pony Races game design. I also do not own the artwork, which belongs to the various artists on DeviantArt. This site just provides these materials to print for personal use. These materials are not licensed for sale or commercial usage.

Deck Contents:

Click to download in PDF and SVG formats for printing.

How To Play:

Before playing, choose one Earth Pony, one Pegasus, and one Unicorn card from the deck. Place these on the left side of the playing area. These ponies will race to become the champion of the Great Pony Race!

Shuffle the remaining cards. Deal seven cards face-down into a row above the ponies. These represent seven milestones along which the ponies will move.

Place your bets, or just choose your favorite pony to cheer for. Now the race begins!

Play cards one at a time from the deck. When an Earth Pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn card is played, the corresponding pony advances one space to the right. When a special card is played, follow the instructions on the card.

When all three ponies have reached or passed a milestone card, reveal it. The pony whose flag matches the flag on the milestone advances one space, while the other two ponies each fall back one space. If the milestone card has a flag and also special movement text, ignore that text. If the milestone card has no flag, do follow its text. Example:

The first milestone has just been reached by all the ponies and revealed. It is a Pegasus milestone, so that pony advances as the other two fall back.

Ponies can't fall farther back than the starting space. If the deck runs out, reshuffle it and continue playing.

The first pony to proceed past the seventh milestone reaches the finish line and wins the race!


I've made the following adjustments to the original game by chocolatepony. The gameplay is identical, but the aesthetics differ:


Pinkie Pie by Ocarina0fTimelord
Applejack by Silentmatten with hat by ZuTheSkunk
Coco Pommel by ChainChomp2
Big Mac by SirCxyrtyx
Maud Pie by DashieSparkle, edited by Krysto2012
Octavia by PineappleSurferMoon, edited by Krysto2012
Berry Punch by Krysto2012 (unpublished)
Bon Bon by Krysto2012 (unpublished)

Rainbow Dash by ZuTheSkunk
Fluttershy by Yanoda
Night Glider by Doctor-G
Spitfire by bobsicle0
Derpy by Silentmatten
Cloudchaser by 90Sigma
Wild Fire by ChainChomp2
Soarin by ChainChomp2

Twilight Sparkle by ChainChomp2
Rarity by Quanno3, edited by Krysto2012
Starlight Glimmer by DashieSparkle
Sunset Shimmer by Stabzor, edited by Krysto2012
Lyra Heartstrings by uxyd and by adcoon, edited together by Krysto2012
Trixie Lulamoon by Pinkiemina
Vinyl Scratch by uxyd
Shining Armor by Hawk9mm

Apple Bloom by sakatagintoki117
Scootaloo by thebosscamacho
Sweetie Belle by PC012
Svengallop by cheezedoodle96
Lightning Dust by KiOWA213
Flam by kna

Zecora by Stabzor
Discord by alexiy777
Dr Hooves by V0JELLY

Card backgrounds traced from the original by chocolatepony and revectored by vikingerik

Font: Celestia Medium Redux by mattyhex (download link)

Pony works at Vikingpony